Going to Bali (and escaping China)

4 thoughts on “Going to Bali (and escaping China)”

  1. Beautiful post. Have fun in Bali. Man, your story is stirring up the wanderlust in me. Can’t wait until my next vacation. Mm, I get this surreal feeling every time I’m in an airport waiting hangar, like I’m leaving a part of my soul behind in each place I visit. Sounds crazy, but have you ever felt something like that?

    Haha. The train situation is so typical of China (and most of the rest of the world outside of the west actually). If you’re too weak/slow/nice, you’ll get pushed around and taken advantage of, in all areas of life. It’s part of my theory that China has gotten too rich too quickly without a moral system. Remember that little girl who was run over and no one stopped to help? That would be unthinkable in my parents’ generation.

    Sorry to hear about your breakup. Keep the faith that you’ll find you ocean shore one of these days. 🙂

    I totally get what you mean. When I first traveled alone, I used to feel a bit lonely at times. But now, I’ve learned to be at peace with my thoughts, entertain myself by reading books, or (more often) chatting with people sitting around me. People are surprisingly open with strangers and it’s amazing the situations you can get yourself into by being a bit inquisitive and open. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time in Bali though – it’s an amazing place.

    I don’t think you’ll get away from Chinese people though. We’re everywhere! Seriously, even in the smallest village in South America, I was able to find a chifa restaurant and ask for directions in Mandarin @_@. Crazy…

    1. Glad you enjoyed it!

      I’m in Bali now and it’s amazing. I thought I would feel lonely here since Bali is a popular honeymoon spot and romantic getaway, but so far it’s been really nice. There’s something about the beach and ocean that calms you, and even if you’re alone you feel so at peace.

      I notice a lot of couples, but they do all the stuff I do (like sit by the pool with a book).

      I’ve met a new person everyday and they’re sooo interesting.. Traveling alone gives you opportunities like that. I think you really build up strength and character through the process as well. Even though I’m here alone, I don’t feel as lonely. It’s much better than I expected.

      Thanks for your support, though. It makes me happy to know that other solo travelers also feel lonely sometimes. But surprisingly, solo travelers say sometimes they enjoy being in their own company and just want to take a break away from people and enjoy the sights around them in their own personal way. I guess everyone is different.

      And thanks for your support about the breakup as well. I think China makes me feel like a 剩女 because I’m recently single at 27, but in the rest of the world this is pretty common (as I’m realizing here in Bali). I meet so many single women travelers here that are just happy with themselves and doing what they want in life. China is so hung up on getting married ASAP…

      And, surprisingly, no Chinese people here! Only bumped into a few. Europeans and Aussies are here in droves, though!

      Anyway, off to sleep. 2 more days in Bali…!!!

  2. I hope you had a good time in Bali. It is a nice island. However, I am not sure if the overdevelopment is doing it any good. You described it right about running away from flood. My aunties would describe it as though there is a war going on. There was a book written about MacDonalds’ and it theorised that one good thing it did good to Hong Kong was introducing regimented lining up.

    I saw this recently and don’t know whether to laugh or cry for the guy getting pushed back out (see 0.32)

    1. Sorry I’m super late with this reply–didn’t see it!

      Wow I used to ride that line in Beijing… it’s pretty close to reality. I imagine Tokyo is like that during rush hour, too, right?

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