Bali Part Two: Bikes, Beaches and Monkeys

6 thoughts on “Bali Part Two: Bikes, Beaches and Monkeys”

    1. Homestay was probably the best part. The family was SO nice. They taught me so much about Bali culture and cooked me really delicious meals. I couldn’t have asked for more. The best part of Bali is the people–very warm and friendly. Although Bali is a bit touristy, I really felt it was worth every penny. Such a beautiful country.

      1. How did you find the home stay? Would love to try something tried and approved by you!

      2. I was looking for hotels on tripadvisor and I saw that they were also recommending homestays! So after that I did a search for homestays online and all of these amazing options came up. I definitely recommend the one I stayed at (even though the hot water wasn’t very hot, and the shower was a bit crap) but hey, it was cheap, convenient, and very homey. They give you your own bungalow!

        I stayed at Nirwha Homestay. The family was SOOOOO nice. They made me snacks all throughout the day, and the mom made banana leaf pancakes for breakfast every morning mmmmm!!!!!

      3. Thanks for letting me know. I’ve had a peek and it looks amazing! I’ve considered using my two month break to do another South East Asia trip, inspired by your photos!

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