Christmas Abound

A Very Japanese Christmas “Mary-sensei” my favorite 7-11 cashier in Niigata sweetly called my name. “How about a Christmas cake? We have so many flavors; chocolate, white and strawberry–and look at all the sizes! I think you would really enjoy having a cake to share with someone special on Christmas day.” “I have no one … Continue reading Christmas Abound

China and America are One and the Same

The Diagram “Hey Mary-san,”  Takada-san pokes me in the shoulder.  “Look at this, it’s pretty funny.” Takada-san is reading a 190 page JETRO report about how to deal with the “China risk” crisis happening with Japanese companies investing, and failing, in the Chinese market.  First I think: Holy god that’s a long report.  Secondly, I … Continue reading China and America are One and the Same

A Shanghai Summer’s Eve

I want to recount one of the “livelier” Shanghai evenings I’ve had this previous summer.  This post is really more for my own personal pleasure and to recount one of my better memories here (no real deep personal insight).  In Shanghai you always have strange, random evenings–and summer 2013 was no exception. —————- I was … Continue reading A Shanghai Summer’s Eve