Helping Those in Need: China Version

4 thoughts on “Helping Those in Need: China Version”

    1. Yeah it is kind of depressing. And I do kind of paint China in a bad light, I think there ARE people that would go out there and help people in need. But before I came to China, the thought of an injured person trying to cheat me was very far from my mind.

      Anyway, I’ll aim to write happier things next time!

  1. That’s not what actually happened in the bike-collision story. At first it was reported as a scam, but it later turned out that he had indeed knocked her down, then proceeded to swear at her in Chinese. He did actually pay the 1800 RMB, and eyewitnesses (including his girlfriend) confirmed that he did actually knock her down and it was his fault.

    This came out in updates later:

    1. Whoa! Thanks for the update! And actually, it makes me feel a lot better about China and puts a positive twist on my bleak post.

      I read the updated article that you posted, and wow, that foreigner looks like one mean guy. I doubt that he actually shoved her onto the ground; but still, I bet you him and his Chinese girlfriend were trying to run away from the scene. I’m glad that they cleared up this bad journalism, and I’ll definitely update this in my post as well.

      This also shows how foreigners come to Asia and act like they can do whatever they want. This story somewhat reminds me of the incident that happened a few months ago of a white man trying to rape a Chinese girl in broad daylight (or something to that degree). Some foreigners in Asia are just plain crazy–and giving the rest of us a bad reputation.

      Anyway, since that laowai ran a red light while driving without a license, I hope they’ll add some compensation onto his penalty fee so the ayi can get some money she deserves.

      Again, thanks for this update!

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