The Top 10 Things China Does Right

3 thoughts on “The Top 10 Things China Does Right”

  1. I agree with almost all, except for #4 – it comes furnished, if you want it furnished (you can explicitly look for those), but usually at a higher price than the unfurnished ones. There are unfurnished places for rent.

  2. Are the unfurnished ones at a much higher price? I think having furnished apartments is very convenient–for expats. If I moved to China and had to buy an entire new house of furniture from scratch, that would really put a dent in my savings account (and if I left China, I wouldn’t be able to take most of the furnishings back to the USA). Also, in the USA moving is SUCH a pain. The bed, the sofa, the couch… good god!

    I guess if I was “settling down” in China then I’d rather have an unfurnished home and pay cheaper rent while picking my own furnishings. But being a tentative resident, having a furnished home really helps out.

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