A look back at 2013, and gazing ahead to 2014!

3 thoughts on “A look back at 2013, and gazing ahead to 2014!”

  1. Yes indeed, you had a pretty amazing year and it will definitively remain as a “key-year” in your life.
    Nevertheless I think your resolutions are pretty much ambitious and that you have set the stakes a little bit too high, as you were subconsciously trying to keep your mind “busy”, away from healing the wounds that your break-ups and big changes have certainly generated and are not ready, yet, to confront…
    Anyway, it is a positive attitude and I congratulate you for intending to learn french : not so many people are willing to do that nowadays !
    Thank you for being so frank and true ; my salute from Martinique 🙂

    1. Yeah I did make a pretty long laundry list of goals… but hey, better to aim higher than lower, as I say!

      My main goals are to learn French and get up to date with web design and economics (oh, I guess finding a good job is important as well… ha!), with the rest being secondary. And yes, French is such a beautiful language it deserves to be learned! My family lives in France and I hate being the only family member that can’t speak French.

      This post was a bit personal, but I’m glad you appreciated my frankness. Thank you for your support, Olivier! Happy new year!

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