This life, the next one, and the last. 今生、来生、前生

One thought on “This life, the next one, and the last. 今生、来生、前生”

  1. Well Mary,

    A deep experience and a beautiful woman, Takada-san…

    I think you have to find you path through life. I do not know if that will mean that you have to become a diplomat, CEO, or any kind of “woman of power”, because YOUR happiness is inside yourself. You have to dig and find it. My impression is that Takada-san is nevertheless sad : I think she already could be happy in her present life… It is too bad that she pretends it will be better in the next one…

    As for past, present and future lives, I think Takada-san is perfectly right : when our body dies, our soul or consciousness or spirit or whatever it is can still jump to another space-time and continues its journey throught the “samsara” as the buddhists call it, within another body.

    Keep Takada-san in mind, but remain “open” Mary ; happiness is not what the others tell you that it is, it is something special that you have to cultivate inside you, whatever the outside circumstances are.

    Take care,


    PS : indeed, I liked to see the photos from where you came from. You already made a long way, pushing your inner boundaries and discovering the world… This is a kind of gift, given by the story of your birth…

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