Is there an age limit to solo travel?

5 thoughts on “Is there an age limit to solo travel?”

  1. Mary,

    Please, you have to reflect about the envy you felt in Bali… It is okay to discover the world and breathe the refreshing air of adventure, but maybe you need a genuine relationship with someone…

    Anyway, thank you for sharing this story with us: this kind of “encounters” can be considered as “beacons” during one’s existence, as sometimes connections and chats over a beer can lead us toward another direction, infirm – or confirm – what we THINK we are heading to.

    Picasso told one time about the purpose of life : “Become what you are”…

    Are you doing that ? Is that what you really are, a traveler ?

    Well, traveling is going to somewhere… What is your destination then ?

    Many questions… You have the answers.

    I wish you all the best,


    1. Yes Olivier, so many questions! A very good question picasso asked, but I’m still wondering what that something is. Maybe it is a traveler, a writer, a communicator, a healer–who knows. I think I’ll find the answers now that I’m back in the USA and figuring out just what it is that I’m meant to do. Life can get confusing like that–one minute you know, the next, the whole world is flipped upside down.

      Yes, I would love to find that perfect someone to travel with. I think I found him, crossing fingers 🙂

      Thank you very much for your supportive comments. They always make me smile and get me thinking. You’re such a wonderful person!

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